Meet Ashlyn

My passion for coordinating started when I married the love of my life.  I wanted to have an elegant storybook wedding, but we didn’t have much to our name (he having just started a business and me working through nursing school).  I set a budget of $3,500 (including my dress) which we saved over our long engagement (about 2 years). With little money and about a thousand ideas pinned on Pinterest, I set forth to do the impossible.

Each free moment leading up to our big day was filled with trial and error as I put together everything from center pieces made of dead branches, to a full candy bar that put Wonka to shame. The closer the date came the more ill prepared I felt, realizing I’d missed many details as any inexperienced bride would, no matter how many articles she’d read on the subject. The day before the wedding I felt stressed, excited, nervous, but most of all impatient. Tomorrow would be the day I’d planned for all that time.

The wedding day came… And couldn’t have went more perfect (except maybe a few more pieces of chicken). I’d married my best friend and had a blast doing it. When we returned from the honeymoon, I just remember the feeling being bitter-sweet. I had loved so much, the planning that went into our wedding, that was now over. About a year went by and I often thought about how much fun I’d had planning our wedding, all the chaos that made each day a new challenge. Then one day it occurred to me, I could make a career out of this. I told my husband and he not-surprisingly encouraged me to go for it.

Fast forward another year, we have had the extreme pleasure of helping many brides, even planning birthday and dinner parties. Our passion is to take away the stress that comes from planning events by yourself and add something special to your own Life’s Little Moments.

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